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Yep. New cameras certainly feel foreign, and they do a lot of useless shit.
That's actually one of the virtues of the bottom-of-the-barrel models like my Rebel: Most of the features that are missing that relegate them to bottom-of-the-barrel status are the useless shit!

For all my complainin', I actually think the Rebel X has a pretty decent feature set. Aperture-priority, shutter-priority, full-manual, full-auto; TTL flash; seemingly a reasonably competent meter; will autofocus if you want it to; keeps the dark in. The IR film sensor is a minus in theory, but who shoots IR with an SLR anyway?

Just from eyeballing the negatives, the smoke-test roll looks good. I think it'll make a perfectly good little snapshot camera. And as someone noted it can take L-series lenses---though if I could afford L-series lenses I wouldn't need a six-dollar body to hold them! :-)