Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a decent local pro lab that I can "hook up with" as I try to setup my workflow. Listening to "Inside Analog Photo" has reaaalllyyy influenced me in creating a good film work flow for pro work - shoot, develop, scan, done!

I currently use Custom Color for my developing needs, but one thing I've realized is the cost of scanning. for "Medium" res, it's $20 a roll!! WOW. At the moment, I just develop and scan at home.

I checked out the prices in the states and for the same res, you're looking at almost half the cost as opposed to up here. Is $20 a roll for scanning (CD) the norm here in Vancouver? If I'm churning out 10 rolls of film per wedding/event/photoshoot... I either pass part of it onto the consumer or... ouch!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

PS: I currently scan on an Epson Perfection 4490. Really good for what it was and for the price point... but 10 rolls would take me atleast 2 full days! lol