So, John Powers has been generously hosting gatherings the last few years on his property. While I don't have a pond or a national park across the street, I do have a driveway and a backyard! So, anyone who's interested, come on up to Royal Oak, MI.

We were thinking either Thanksgiving weekend or the first weekend in December. Let me know your preference. This should hopefully be early enough to avoid any snow related issues.

On the agenda - Andre Kertesz Exhibit at the DIA

"The exhibition surveys Kertész’s career with nearly 100 photographs taken in Hungary, Paris and New York, many of which are drawn from the DIA’s permanent collection. For Kertész, the years spent in Paris in the early 20th century were especially pivotal. An Intuitive Eye will highlight his Parisian photographs to demonstrate his unique style that combined the techniques and compositions of photojournalism with the aesthetic sensibilities of abstraction employed by Modernist artists. In his photographs of Parisians at rest, play or work in the side streets, public parks and quiet corners of the city, Kertész created a vision of Paris that has helped to define the city as a place where the quiet traditions of daily life are revered."

We can go shooting for anyone willing to brave the cold. If you're interested in shooting, there are some abandoned spaces downtown that are pretty interesting. There are lots of parks in the area - Belle Isle being one option. If we are willing to drive, Ann Arbor (U of M campus) and / or lots of farm land are nearby as well.

Also, Greenfield Village / Henry Ford Museum is open. In the Village, tripods are allowed. There are hundreds of historic homes and buildings that were moved there, to create a "town." Very fun place to shoot. And, many of the buildings are heated, so you can pop in to warm up. Next door to the Village is Henry Ford Museum, which I don't think allows tripods, but is warm and has lots of history related things to look at. The Henry Ford

We're opening up our house as well - if you want to come up, you are welcome to sleep at our place. We have lots of floor space, and also a large backyard for anyone willing to brave the weather and put up a tent. There are also hotels in the area to match any budget - let me know if you would like help finding a close one.

Additionally, we have a large darkroom in case anyone would like to use it for changing film / developing / printing / sleeping.

So - who's interested and what weekend works for everyone?