In 2000, I bought a new F3HP and a new AIS 35mm f1.4 to go with it (my first lens for that body). It was an impressive piece of glass, and the contruction of the lens itself, how the focus/aperture rings move etc are as good as anything I ever saw from Leitz or Zeiss. However I really never used the lens. I worked mostly with shorter lenses at the time. Later I started to use that focal length alot, but used a Nikkor AF-D f2, and I now use a Zeiss ZF 35mm f2, which I love. I never use wide apertures in my work anyway, so the fast speed of the AIS Nikkor never did me much good (although the viewfinder image is obviously nice and bright).

The AIS is a beautiful piece of equipment, so I never wanted to sell it even though I've probably used it only 5 times since I bought it. It's essentially unused, and other than exercising the focusing and aperture rings every few months, I have always kept it in its original box with a UV filter on the front and both lens caps on. Last time I looked at it, I did notice a couple of flecks of dust inside, which annoyed me, but I highly doubt image quality would be affected.

So I don't know what to do with this thing. A new one is well over $1,000. But I don't know if it is worth selling, or if I should just keep it as a fine example of Nikkor craftsmanship. Seems like a waste to keep it around, but I wonder if I'd later regret parting with it.