I bought a new M6 TTL five years ago and love it. I initially bought and still have a classic M6, but later bought the former because of its computerized interaction with Metz flashes. Some purists say "phooey" about using a flash unit with the M6 TTL, but I find it to be wonderful when there is insufficient light indoors. I'd rather use a flash unit with, say, Delta 100, indoors than switch to a very high-speed, grainy film. And I find the maximum sync speed of 1/50th of a second to not be a bother since Metz's flashes throw out enough wonderful light in spite of that. I use both the Metz 44 MZ-2 and 54 MZ-3 flash units with my M6 TTL. My inspiration for using flash indoors with my M6 TTL was my deceased father, who used a Vivitar 283 flash unit and a Metz potato masher unit with his M3 and M2-R bodies for decades and successfully got gorgeous indoor shots on both color and black and white film. So, if you have children, say, and expect to photograph birthday parties and other celebrations, buy the M6 TTL for its flash capability. It's cheaper than the M7, too.