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thanks 2f/2f. Wow it was a long post! I think i will use the NC, positive films are way too expensive for the develop too... I have 3 metz cl 45 the are preatty old but they still work...but is the only ligth I can afford rigth now . I have builded 2 softboxes using old cartons cause I cant buy me new ones.


Here´s a link on my flickrs page where I have used the DIY softbox both left-rigth 45° degrees to the subject 1,5 meter high.
Do u think they could work for that shoot or I have to borrow real ones?
The photo in your link looks good, but it involves fairly strong/directional light, with the source quite low (for a portrait).

If that is the look you want, then it's fine.

If you want softer, more rounded and more "pastel", you would need to change the diffusion and distance and direction of your light sources.

The Metz 45 heads are fine, but they lack a modelling light, so it is a bit harder to experiment before actually shooting.

If you have the chance, shoot a trial roll or two with a number of lighting experiments on it.

If you don't have the opportunity to shoot a colour trial, you could learn a fair bit about the right lighting with B & W.