Is that all?

Sometimes it's hard to imagine what amount of work goes into making a roll of film.

Keep up the fabulous work, Mirko.

- Thomas

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We are talking about:

-trimming 35mm pancakes to 32mm in ultra high precision
-slitting 32mm in 2x16mm
-apllying the unique 110 perforation
-remanufacturing the cassette body, cover and spool
-remanufacturing the backing paper, choping the backing paper, cutting out the edge so the film stripe gets caught after the last frame
-spooling the backing paper together with the film into the feeding compartement
-attaching the end of the backing paper to the spool
-welding the casette shut
-packing the product
-labeling the product

Not trivial but dooable.

Yes colour, 200 ASA, B/W later.

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