My feeling is that trying to sell any FD camera in the condition you mention is not worth the time it takes to list it or to slep to the post office. They are essentially worth nothing to very little. Unless someone needs parts no one is even going to bother. They can go to KEH and buy a working model with a return policy in really nice condition.
There's a guy up in Illinois that cla's FD's for $45 + $8 s&h. Cheap enough really and he does good work. You can get them cla'd and try and sell them, but FD bodies are not a hot commodity unless they're T90's or F1's and even then I don't believe they're flying off the shelves in this economy. Right now the lenses are the value for the micro 4/3rd's crowd and if I personally were to spend any money whatsoever in FD it would be for the better glass. In fact, as has been mentioned over and over, a body is just a light tight container for the glass. It's really all about the glass and it's signature. Not that some features are nice to have on a body. Nowadays tho I see more benefit in a plain jane body like a FTbn then in most electronic marvels with all the features.
The unfortunate thing for alot of us owners of FD bodies, as well as 60's and 70's bodies in other lineups, is that it is getting to the point where they're just not that wanted anymore. Many buyers consistently desire the perfect looking, un-marked, un-dinged, un-brassed body even tho they can be perfect shooting cameras in good mechanical condition. So what becomes of the ugly camera child? It's getting to the point that alot of it is becoming basically drawer fill and door stops in todays digital and economic climate. That's were the bargains are.