Hi Aggie,

PMK is a fine developer and I used it extensively over a period of many years. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it as a general purpose developer. For silver gelatin printing, with development in tray, tanks, or via nitrogen burst system, it is at or near the top of my list.

However, rotary processing has many advantage, not the least of which is the fact that it gives the most even development of any system. Also, rotary develoment in Jobo, tubes or drums uses very small quantities of developer, making it very economical, and it has a very small footprint, especially for very large sheet film, say over 8X10. Just think, for example, of the difference in space requirments for developing a sheet of 8X20 film in trays, as opposed to developing the same sheet in a print drum. Big saving in both space and amount of developer.

Finally, both Rollo Pyro and Pyrocat-HD make a lot more sense for alternative printers than PMK, whatever your sytem of development, because of time considerations. For example, to develop a negative taken under normal SBR conditions (SBR 7) to proper CI for printing with AZO or an alternative process (Pt/Pd, carbon, kallitye) PMK requires about twenty minutes of development, compared to about eight for both Rollo Pyro and Pyrocat-HD. With low contrast scenes the situation is even more tilted against PMK.

Sandy King