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On a more practical note, see if you can make an adapter to take standard 5x4 darkslides, I've made an adapter for a roll-film back that slips in like a plate holder on my Quarter plate, there may be enough room to do similar with your camera. Then I made a second lens board to use a more modern lens.
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I'm more inclined to try and use the original plate holders, if possible. At first glance, they look like they'ld be perfect for both 4x5 film and paper negatives with no alteration to the holder. Just drop in the film, drop in a backing board, put the septum in, and repeat for the other side. I'll realize the difficulties in actual practice. It can't be any worse than loading my ol'drop-plate camera.
On a side note, these remarks actually raise an interesting small question for me: At what time did the modern 4x5 holders become "standard"??

E.g. if I wanted to buy a historic camera, what is the oldest camera that I can buy that will take a modern 4x5 holder without any adjustment or fiddling to either camera or holders?