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if the question is clear tonal separation in extreme lighting conditions, pyro developers will blow the socks off the stand development. In one of his books saint Ansel had a picture of a light bulb developed in pyro developer, try to do that one on a working light bulb with Xtol
You mean something like this ...

Tri-X 400 in D76 1:1 at 6.30 minutes pull development, deliberately overexposed for detail in shadows ("Expose for the shadows"), I measured an about 11-13 stop / EV range.

You don't have to be a saint , nor risk uneven development as in stand, to do this (if you can afford to have slightly longer exposure times):

For an even better impression of the amount of shadow detail, see the images against a dark backdrop on my personal website here (the light APUG background makes images look darker):


And a side/sight of Adam's I didn't know , from here:

Ansel Adams TIME Cover & "The Cover That Missed", 1979
cover & c print, signed, unique (printed in 1984 in an edition of 25)
"The only photographer to appear on the cover of TIME, photo by me, signed by Ansel Adams, September 3, 1979. The Cover That Missed inscribed with, 'For David Hume Kennerly, The cover that Missed! Ansel Adams, NY-9-5-79' . The photograph underscores Ansel's playfulness and fine sense of humor. He had a pair of glasses with no lenses, and demonstrated them in a vivid visual fashion."