Standing development is also about boosting micro contrast, and general contrast, when you're photographing low contrast scenes.
I was shooting pinhole using Kodak Plus-X film a year or so ago, and used 120 film to make 6x6 negatives. I would process them in 1+200 dilution Rodinal at 70 degrees F for 60 minutes with 10s agitation at the 30 minute mark, and a full minute of agitation at the start.

I got negatives that printed well on Grade 3 paper from scenes that were foggy and low contrast, as well as scenes that were fairly brightly lit in the middle of the day with normal contrast.
Attached prints are almost straight prints at Grade 3 (left one is Forte Polygrade and right one Fomabrom Variant).

It is a great tool for anybody to use.

- Thomas