I also got an argyle 18 with this same plan. I paid $40 for the camera, and it took an hour out there and an hour back. I found an 11x14 holder on ebay for $135 and snagged it. There are a couple for $150-175, but many are $300-400, so start shopping for the deals! My big issue is the back. I want to try and salvage an old one, if possible. If I can't find one, I guess I'll try to build one. You can find 11x14 back springs and GG on ebay every so often, so, you'd just need to cut some wood and cobble it all together - and pray it was all square and sturdy!

Anyway, I'll eventually find a way to add simple movements to the front and back, and take it off the legs/support it currently needs. We'll see how it goes.

by the way, here is mine: