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Here is a picture of one of the three holders. Since the slats are not affixed to the cloth backing you can see how it is configured. I separated the slats to add drama to the scene.


Here's one of the negative holder frames. It still contains a paper negative that appears to have been installed wet.
Patented May '85. It is perfect for holding a sheet that is 4x5 inches in size.

Nice, this explains it all about the "hinge" in the slide. Curious though, yours clearly has a multi-faceted hinge. I expected just one "hinge"...

Could this feature potentially have to do with accommodating different plate / negative sizes and / or different types of cameras?

With a multi-faceted hinge, I could potentially foresee an issue with shoving it back in the holder... might not always be so easy.

Also interesting the picture of the paper negative in the metal frame. Although the text about holders is quite thorough, one clear omission, is showing such a metal frame for holding the paper negatives, even though they are mentioned in the text.