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I was reading this thread hoping there'd be an answer.
I have tried the Super Center which is very reasonable and Walmart which was quite expensive ($8.50 CDN) for a develop and scan. 4 rolls with tax, nearly $40. Quality and resolution of scans are both pretty low. I found the Super Center to be better and cheaper where I live. They'll put all the rolls on one CD so the cost is much lower. I wish mini labs were cleaner and they were alot more careful with film handling.
I would love to do my own C41 but chemicals seem impossible to find in any sane quantity in Canada.
Which Loblaws SuperCenter(GTA?)are you using. Loblaws scuttled their instore labs across the western GTA last year--admittedly variable quality but some were consistently good. Walmart is pricey for what I assume is gawdawful quality. My go-to pro labs have either dropped film or boosted prices and slowed service. Aside from looking longingly at the new Nikon D7000 and shelves of Nikkors and bodies, I'm looking to fire-up b&w home development for 120. C-41 remains problematic in either format.