A lot of people like the Adox/Efke films better with a 1-stop push. I don't find it makes a *huge* difference as compared to box speed, but the additional contrast can be nice.

I believe CHS 50, like CHS 25, is "orthopanchromatic" rather than fully panchromatic, meaning it has a reduced sensitivity to red. Tonalities will sometimes not be what your eye expects if you're used to pan film, and it's probably a good idea to use a yellow filter routinely when shooting in sunlight.

It's a good film, although I'm not sure I really have very many reasons to use it rather than CHS 25. I've developed it in PC-TEA, which behaves more or less like Xtol 1+2, and been happy with the results; minimal grain of a basically pleasing character, and razor-sharp (or would be if I were better at critical focus).