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Yes, I bought it from the UK. I would have liked to buy the fully restored camera, but it was NOT in my budget at the time.
The 2nd 15x12 Watson is an enormous camera, obviously yours is exactly the same

What an amazing camera to own, you're very lucky. At least the square bellows it takes are the easiest of all to make.

This thread's got me champing at the bit, I've just held back twice from buying two Lizars Plate cameras. I already have two great 10x8 Agfa Ansco's but US camera's don't have the finesse & elegance of vintage British LF cameras.

I'm also getting an itch to start making emulsions again I've seen Ilford's glass plate coating line in action, on the last factory tour, so perhaps it's time to put 10 years of commercial emulsion making experience to use again.

What got me motivated was discovering that emulsions were sold are dry powder form, add water then melt and coat.

We can't make a cascade head so we need to look else where, it's all out there though and in detail.