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As someone who only started foolin' with pyro in 2004... =) Things have changed. In my experience, I'd estimate that 90% or more of those I speak with who use "pyro" use some form of Pyrocat.... Even on the boards it seems to be far and away the most popular - and everyone seems to refer to it as "pyro".

Have you found differently?
I started using PMK about 20 years ago. At that time 'pyro' meant pyrogallol. That's what Adams referred to as pyro in The Negative and other books. If he developed a negative in catechol and used it as an example he would call it that and not 'pyro'. About 10 years ago I started using ABC pyro, which is also pyrogallol based. I've never associated the word 'pyro' with catechol or even Sandy's Pyrocat.

I think the recent association of 'pyro' with catechol in its many guises is purely the result of Sandy King's choice of name for the groundbreaking developer he invented.

Gerald: I will henceforth excise the word 'pyrocatechin' from my vocabulary. I place that misnomer in the same class as calling a substance as alkaline as pyrogallol 'pyrogallic acid', which some vendors still do.