Hello friends,

recently some German lenses came across my path - Meyer-Optik Orestor 100/2.8, Orestor 135/2.8, and Orestegor 200/4 in M42 version - all in very good state, smooth moving parts, super clean glass, and it costs only US $100 per lot. Judging from the look, all of them were made in mid-sixties. The question is, what these lenses are? Are they good or bad? The mechanical part seems to be excellent, but I just have never had any experience with Meyer lenses. They appear to have a regular bluish coating, the glass looks like that of old Zeiss lenses - heavy and yellowish, and all of them have pre-set apertures. I believe that Germans just didn't make bad lenses, but I want to know your opinion about the beasts before I buy them

Regards from Russia,