I will try to be brief. I picked up an advertised 130 years old camera from Rochester. Obviously it had been modified with a form of viewing box attached, but I thought it would be a fun project anyway.

As best as I can tell (judging from hardware) this is a version of the "ideal", but I did not find the rear standard hardware on any of the cameras I have seen.


Either way it is missing some parts and this is going to be a very special sale to someone that already has other parts. I did a very quick clean-up and glued most of the finger joints back together yesterday. I left the top finger joint on the front standard un-glued for final finishing reasons. This is bare wood now and felt if I put any kind of finish on it, it may make things more difficult for the next owner.

I had never seen one of these before and went into it pretty blind. I learned quite a bit and have removed the pieces I felt did not belong to the original camera. ie. viewing box and some blocking used as risers. The bellows were completely shot, but will be included in case they are needed for a pattern. Both front and rear frames for attaching the bellows are in tack and included. As well, I will pass along all other screws and pieces I removed. I don't believe they go with the camera, but they are the same type of old screws and metal parts as to not introduce any modern hardware to an otherwise old piece of art.

I really only have some time in this, so please send me an offer, you may be surprised. Sorry for the giant pics, couldn't figure out how to make them smaller.