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CGW : The Super Center in Georgetown has their machine still. One of the people that run it shoots film.
I used to use the Costco in Brampton. They would give me decent sized scans and amazing service.
There are a few mini labs around but most have given me back dirty and/or scratched film.
I really like Burlington Camera but I don't think they process everyday anymore. It's a far drive too. Same with Brown's in Mississauga. Great but far.
Thanks, Jeff. Georgetown isn't that far. Brampton's Costco crapped out when their processor broke and management refused to fix it. Apparently the Loblaws near Erin Mills Town Centre is still processing film. FYI, Brown's isn't processing film presently but may resume sometime soon once their processors get fixed--hoping this isn't just a face-saving excuse for ditching film since I've happily used them for years. BTW, Fuji.ca's confused(and confusing)claims about film processing proved to be hot air--what are they smoking there??? Sorry! Getting tired of schlepping my 120 to Silvano's. Will pass on anything that turns up.