Don't really see a problem in this "automation". As you can switch most of it off. Ive got an EOS 5 and its always in the M modus. The rest is just not usefull i think. And in the M modus its not much different then my AE-1 apart from some auto winding etc. Sure i like shooting with my AE-1 (getting into my 3th roll) but the EOS handels a lot better. Which make sense as it is about 12years younger . What i don't like is what my 450D does for me. Its confusing. If you look at the light meter it says you have to do that but if you shoot the light isnt good? So i always shoot with a lower shutter time then needed. Don't really have that problem with my 5 and AE. And as said in another topic,those pictures are 90% sharp and the light is great. So as long as it isnt digital its great