I encountered a problem with my N6006 when shooting this weekend and was wondering if anyone had some thoughts on how I could troubleshoot the issue.

When I loaded a new roll of film, it loaded normally and even shot the first frame correctly. On the second frame, the motor sounded like the battery was getting low and on the third frame the film would not advance and the display was showing "End." I replaced the battery and the camera still thinks it is at the end of the roll. When attempting to rewind, the motor will start and then the display will show "Err." I have tried to load a new roll of film and it feels as though something is jammed and not allowing the film to unwind from the cassette. I assume something is broken internally and I would be better off buying another camera, but wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I was overlooking.

Also, for a possible replacement I was looking at either another 6006 or an 8008. Is the move to the 8008 worth it or is there something else entirely that I should consider?