Absence of a focusing helicoid is consistent with a naked (out of its cone) aerial camera lens. I've seen two ways of collimating aerial camera lenses to the camera.

The lens screws into a mount called, by convention, a lens cone, is screwed in or out to collimate and is then locked in place; examples that I've seen include Vinten F-95; AGI F134, F139, and Agiflite; and Omera 31. The cone is bolted to the camera body or bayonets into it.

The lens (in shutter) is bolted to the camera main casting, shims between body and back of shutter adjust flange to film; this is how the 38 Biogons in the AGI F135 were collimated to the camera.

Thanks for the link. Some time ago I wrote an essay in which I characterized most aerial camera lenses as poisoned gifts. I think that fits the 7"/2.5 Aero Ektar adapted to M42 mount shown in the link.

Anyway, I agree with the person who responded that the holey lens shown in that thread is part of a condensor. It has the look, and I'd swear I've seen similar things offered as condensor lenses. Your monstrosity doesn't. Could be mistaken, though, about the lens in the link. I don't believe that condensor lenses are often as elaborate as the monstrosity.

Why do you think that Leitz bought in lenses for their Epidiascopes?