I've abandoned my ideas of getting a mamiya 645, it just wasn't me although the prices were good. I stumbled upon I camera I at first thought was an outdated dinosaur (a wee bit strange as I like view cameras); the mamiya press series.

I've gotten this idea that I like polaroids, or more correct, fujiroids. But I really like the neat packaged mamiya super 23, it got all the features I like, it's a medium format camera by nature, hence a lot smaller than other press cameras, it's got the basic back swing/tilt functions I like, it has cheap backs, really nice handheld etc. But the drawback is that it can't take a polaback, like it's younger sibling the universal. Of course the universal lacks the bellows. Hmm, what to do? Could one feasibly make an adapter to fit a polaback to the super 23? I read somewhere that the opening on the 23 would be to small? But still, if it can take 6x9 negs it should be able to make 6x9 polas at least, or?

I have looked a wee bit on polabacks for other systems (I had one for my RB which I sold) and the NPC polabacks. And judging from pictures and my memory it seems as if the backs were basically the same for all mf cameras, only the mountside was different. Couldn't one feasibly machine some kind of adapter and modify any of those backs to fit the super 23? The mount looks a bit primitive, and there doesn't seem to be any couplings between the cameras and the back either. So it should 'only' be a question of making a mount and measuring the flange-to-film distance to get it somewhat right, or? I have a friend who works with laser cutting for a living so I should be able to get some precision cut parts rather cheap, so that part isn't so intimidating, but I really need some input.

How big is the actual image on a polaroid from a Universal anyway?