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I usually resisted the temptation to turn on room lights with an enlarging paper in the easel. Finally I took a cheap, throw-away promotional pen light, and taped a piece of rubylith to the end. Now I can keep the room lights off and find f stops with a little concentrated safe light.
The problem with the lens I have the problem with is it only has one aperture marked (f22), and it doesn't stand out greatly as well. Using 'wide open' as a reference point would be easier but it a little movement after what I think is supposed to be the wide open stop which confuses my counting, combined with it's max aperture of f9 which adds confusion to the counting process... and I end up all confused! I usually make sure it's right before getting paper out, but a couple of time have had to put it back in the paper safe and recheck. The torch idea might work so will give that a try!