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If you know what is good for you, limit the money that you bring.

I actually go with a shopping list, and budget to pay what I think it will cost to fill it, and maybe a $100 more for mad impulse purchases.

I was out on a camping trip with my sons Cub group on the weekend and took two different cameras. One of the kids noticed the second one and asked how many I had. I had to think, and said 'oh about 20-30 or so'....
I'm surprised there's not a 12-step program in place to deal with this.I've managed to avoid a couple fairs but remain uncertain that amounts to a cure. As they say, you're either in recovery or denial! If anything, I should box up some Nikon stuff to peddle since I shoot so little 35mm these days, thanks to the disappearance of cheap processing. Sooner or later, the "Film Guy" will run out of even moderately stale film--the only reason I go to the PHSC circuses. But now I'm looking into firing up a b&w darkroom...It's hopeless.