I took the NYIP course in 1998 and liked it a lot. Now they have more on DVD's but then they had VHS tapes. It is expensive. I sent for information and didn't enroll and then a few months later they did drop the price. I still didn't sign up but waited about a year later and decided to go ahead with it. Ofcourse I paid the full price of about $700 but I got a lot out of it. The big help was when I would send in pictures and the pro photographer would tell me where I went wrong. My pictures improved after the course and I also understood things that I read in magazines when they mentioned things that I had learned about. I have read many reports on the net about people that took the course and I don't think I have heard many that were disappointed. They emphisize improving the 'eye' and don't go into a lot about how you need this lense or this filter. As a matter of fact, they are sort of against most filters as being detrimental to improving the picture. If you have the money, I'd go for it. Ric.