A few weeks ago I said I would compare this kit to the Kodak stuff. I have some examples ready to show. I ran the test once with very poor results due to my error, so I purchased a new kit of Rollei Digibase and a Kodak kit from Photographer's Formulary and ran the test again. The test was just a few identical images developed in the respective brands according to the basic Kodak instructions at 100F. The Digibase instructions leave important rinsing steps out which will leave the images far too yellow. One image from each set includes a standard gray card for color comparison, and one set was developed at 77F as per the selling point of the Digibase kit. All film was Kodak Ektar 100.

The Kodak chemicals produced an image color with good skin tone and neutral mid tones. I found the Digibase kit shifted very slightly red, but this could be corrected in printing or scanning very easily. The Digibase at 77F produced good colors compared to the Kodak, but at a reduced saturation. Greens, in particular, were not as vivid. Film processed at 68F were unacceptable and not represented here.

If you are printing in a darkroom, either brand kit will work fine at 100F, but I would only recommend processing at 77 for scanning the film as any loss in saturation can be easily corrected. Whichever kit you use or processing temperature, follow the instructions provided by Kodak, as the Digibase instructions leave out rinsing steps which can adversely affect color balance. Note that processing at 77F does involve longer development times.