I should note that when choosing which kit to order, the Formulary kit comes packed to make 1 liter of each solution and adds nitrogen for longer storage, but shipping is high. The Digibase kit has lower shipping costs, but is easier to make smaller amounts than the ordered package vs. Kodak's, however, as shown by previous posts, the lids are not well sealed and can leak during transit. This did not affect the quality of this particular kit, but I may have gotten lucky. Further, the Digibase kit does not seem accurately measured when bottled, so it is best to measure out each chemical rather than try to dump the entire contents into your mix. The Formulary kit is accurate for a 1 liter mix and does not require remeasuring when mixing.

I did not test Digibase's claims on storage longevity or film capacity. I use a rotary drum and use it one shot, if you are going to reuse the chemicals, test under your conditions. I would recommend shooting two identical sheets or rolls with a gray card included, then developing one with fresh chemistry, and the second after several rolls have been processed, then comparing the results.