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This week I bought 10 rolls of 35mm 800Z from 7DS and they came without boxes. I emailed them to ask when the expiry dates were but, as usual, they didn't reply. So I wrote to Fuji UK and I also tacked onto the end of the query a question about 800Z's future. Is it actually discontinued, I asked. This is the reply:
Steve, thanks for that. I wonder whether "discontinued" means that Fuji UK has discontinued stocking it in the U.K. as opposed to Fuji has stopped making it?

You'd think that if it was simply that Fuji UK does not import it any longer it would be good enough to say this in a straightforward way that allowed no possibility of misinterpretation. The fact that it hasn't does suggest production worldwide has stopped/will stop BUT

I wouldn't even be bothered to question its statement had there not been others( non UK based) who seem to suggest that it is still made.

Yes I appreciate that it can still be bought here in the U.K. and elsewhere but a definitive statement to the effect that its production has stopped/ will stop totally on X date would settle the matter.