Friends for what it is worth I took my negs (B&W Delta & TMax 3200) to be developed at ARPI. They sent them out to be done (Fujilab) and they came back incredibly thin. NOT HAPPY! Tried Casanova at the top of the Rambla and they too came back incredibly thin (I suspect same Fujilab). Again NOT HAPPY! I was told in both places it was MY fault; although two cameras both giving same metering, two different filmstocks etc. etc. Took the next bunch to Sabate who hand processed and they were perfect but quite expensive (as one would expect). They advised me of a new lab near them in the Gracia area who did B&W machine process & contacts who are cheaper than ARPI & Casanova by a few euros per roll. Will amend this thread when I get results. By all means avoid ARPI and CASANOVA as their attitude is that the customer must be at fault. My negs are salvageable certainly digitally, but I will wait til I get back to Oz to see if they are printable in the darkroom. Be warned!! Cheers all, sam