Thank you all for the comments on my card. The paper I printed on was from the '70s and this is why it's fogged. I'd have prefered to send double weight cards instead of single weight ones, but I wanted to liquidate some of my stash of this paper and also I was quite familiar with it.

Next round I'll print on fresh double weight paper!

BTW, for those who are interested, Forte Bromofort was one of the two standard papers of Forte before the '90s (the other was Fortezzo, faster and warm toned). It can be considered as a graded version of Polygrade which itself is the cold variant of the well-known Polywarmtone.

In no particular order:

Crispin: I liked the atmosphere, I could just turn on my left and start walking with the soldiers.
Alex: A lovely print on a nice paper, I received No. 35/70. I like very much how the rather static composition comes to life with the lines of Chantal's right arm and the traffic crossing each other. There is something sincer, undoubtly human in her gesture, which the traffic definitely lacks.
Mick: A completely different card compared to the one you sent me the previous round. It got me thinking what up there is. I like the tonality of her hair.
Darwin: An interesting photo for sure, and nice composition.
Slumry: At first look I thought your card was a still-life on four paprikas. After reading the title, I realised they are teeth. I'll be more careful with mine from now on.
Pete: A nice pinhole portrait, also, the background is quite sharp.
Photojim: The detail on this photo is quite amazing. Also, I like the slightly unusual (for these subjects) portrait format.
Mark: I like the tonality of this photo and the fact this beast's head is rather live.
Lori: I like the atmosphere of this half-natural landscape, although I might have printed it somewhat lighter and higher in contrast to render the snow a bit more punchy.
Laurent: Simple, good composition, very nice tones. I found great joy looking at all the rivets, finding out none of them retained their original form.
Steve: Your 5x7 in card was the first to arrive in my mailbox. I like the tones here, too. Your photograph brought me back my memories of using Fomapan 200, which I also used to shoot quite a lot.
Lillian: An exciting cyanotype print! I like the simple idea of tea-toning, after receiving your print I couldn't help trying to tea-tone myself, too.
Tim: Again an interesting, nonetheless somewhat frightening picture. I like how the dark sky and water frame the dam.

Rachelle: I'm happy you liked the card. I printed an extra in case something would have gone wrong during processing, but as a surprise all turned out OK more-or-less, so decided, why not post also the extra card…

Apologies for the late feedback.

I would like to thank you all for this great round, No. 20. Already looking forward to Round No. 21.