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I've noticed that a couple of the big camera stores seem to always close on Friday nights through Saturday. I think that if they're shutting their doors at those times it's likely the store is owned by conservative Jewish people. Sabbath starts Friday at Sunset and goes through Saturday. FYI, if they are conservative they cannot just hire some non Jews to run their store on Saturday. It would be a violation of their religion's view on conducting business on a holy day. There are actually some pretty big communities of really conservative Hasidim in NYC and the surrounding area. When I worked there they took the no exchanging $$$ on the Sabbath thing VERY seriously. It's an inconvenience their being closed on certain days, but we can hardly blame them for actually following the rules of their religion. It's no different than some places not allowing liquor stores to open till noon on Sunday if at all. Not everyone lives in a 24/7 all access world. Some people feel they have religious traditions they must still abide by.

I hope my question was not interpreted to be antisemitic in any way. The owners of the stores are more than welcome to run their business however they chose, for whatever reasons they choose. It is unfortunate for both the owners and myself that our schedules do not always align and I am simply looking for an alternative source of material.

Thank you for the help everyone. Caulmet appears to be the place for me this weekend.

CVS is a perfectly good source of a quick roll of film. I've never come across an expired roll on their shelves (yet).