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See this thread on RFF for more information including answers from Freestyle.
Thanks. However this is still essentially a lot of user comments and speculation as you will get on any site. It seems but according to a "site user" only and not the manufacturer that LP only ever existed because it was a way of Fuji selling its "close to end date" stock.

Logically on that basis we can expect to see the end of LP totally. Fuji will continue to sell Acros and Neopan 400 but as own brand only and presumably in cassette only.

Doesn't explain why Fuji doesn't sell both films as own brand bulk rolls. However it does explain why it would seem crazy to sell its own film in competition with a cheaper version of its very same own film.

The economics of business says that competing against yourself is madness.

So bad news. Pay full Fuji price for Acros and Neopan and forget about bulk rolls or switch to a manufacturer who still sells bulk rolls.

I do recall Simon Galley at an Ilford tour saying with conviction that Ilford were determined to be last man standing in B&W and having a confident demeanour while saying it.

Maybe he knew more about the future than the rest of us.