Just an update of Fuji films from the Photokina Cologne/Köln.
This is what is available:

In B&W discontinued:
Neopan 1600
Neopan 400 in 120 roll film.

All Sensia line (E6) discontined, Velvia 50/100 (F), Provia 100F and 400X left.

160S and 160C out, replaced by 160NS
800Z out, Reala only in 120.

Well you can see it on the billboard.

L.P. 400 films were short dated Neopan 400 films, dumped for a small price on the USA market.

Fuji Film has re-organized their film line now. This information is valid for Europe, also in the mean time confirmed by Fuji BeNeLux.

Interesting detail:
Foma is working on a small coating test for their T200 film. Hopefully they can resume production soon.
They are able to introduce the R100 B&W slide film on 120 roll film too (Scala type). It will only depends on the worldwide demand.
A possible re-introduction of their T800 maybe now as T1600 film too. This film was discontinued in 2001 due to a very small demand.
A new AZO contact fiber paper: Fomalux 111.

Let's see how things are developing worldwide.