In good working condition. Includes Voltage Stabilizer C-700, 75mm Beselar enlarging lens on lens board, and 7 negative carriers: 35mm, 4x4, 127? (17mm x 13mm,) 28mm x 28mm, 645 (40mm x 55mm), 6x6 (55mm x 55mm), and 6x7 (68mm x 55mm). Additional lens boards available if needed: two 39mm and one 32mm. Additional negative carriers, too (see seperate ad: they duplicate the ones here.) If you want one or two of them, let me know and I'll throw them in if you ask before they're sold.

After I tested the enlarger I dropped the Voltage Stabilizer and the plug came apart. All the bits are there, they just need to be put back together. Not sure of the polarity of the plug or I'd do it -- simple if you know which side gets the white wire and which the black! Hurry up and buy this thing before I drop something else... $50 USPS money order or Paypal, buyer pays shipping from 46514 (Elkhart, Indiana) or I'll deliver within a reasonable distance.

There's also another one of these which doesn't turn on; you can have it if you want it for parts or industrial decoration to impress the opposite sex with your edgy good taste. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments.