Full disclosure, I have no idea what either one of these is or does.

Lens 1 is an Acme Wide Angle. It has f stops from f/11 to f/44 and the marking "3" fairly large or the barrel. It's serial number is 31173. The glass looks decent with some very fine and light polish marks on the front element and there's some glue separation on the front element which at one point extends about 3/16th into the lens. This is pretty clear and if you're looking at brass lenses it shouldn't bother you too much. There's also one very small chip on the inside edge of the rear element which barely extends into the view. Aperture moves freely, barrel has some wear but is in good mechanical shape.

Lens 2 is a Manhattan Rapid Rectilinear No. 4 - 6-1/2x8-1/2 with the serial number 3604. Glass on this is very clean, with almost no visible polish marks at all. barrel in good shape but obviously shows its age. This takes waterhouse apertures none of which are included. Comes with a mounting ring.

Taking offers on either or both.