This is a masking layer over film.
In the old days, other types of film would be exposed to form a second negative to place over the first negative. Now most of the films formerly used for this have disappeared, and this new technique is coming online to attempt to replace it.

This new technique isn't a hybrid approach -- its just a mask over a real honest-to-goodness film negative.

You wouldn't move a masking technique using colored markers on the negative to a drawing group, nor a masking method using spotting dyes on film to a painting group, nor a masking technique using rubylith over the film to a platemaking group.

This one really needs to stay in the film users group that is APUG, rather than Hybrid which is usually a digital negative output rather than this technique which just motifies transmission using inkjet overlay. The main information to make a print using this technique is still fully contained in the original capture on the silver film, and the inkjet layer just serves as a selective (mostly transparent) mask....

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