It depends on the lens.

Popular Photography never published a test of any version of the 55/3.5 MicroNikkor. I once asked Norman Rothschild why not. He explained that the magazine's policy was not to publish tests of lenses that didn't meet minimum standards at infinity. The 55/3.5 didn't meet the magazine's minimum standards at infinity at all apertures, so they tested every version and published no tests of them.

The conclusion to draw from this tale is that when neither PP nor Modern Photography (same policy) didn't publish a test of a renowned lens it wasn't very good at some aperture(s).

That said, many users, me included, shot their 55/3.5 MicroNikkors at all distances and weren't disappointed by the results.

The 55/2.8 MicroNikkor that replaced the 55/3.5 has a floating element to reduce coma at low magnification. It shoots very well at all distances and both mags published tests of it.