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I will be sad though if it turns out that this exchange drags on into the middle of November (like last time)
I think we're all hoping that doesn't happen again!

My partner came home last night, a bit sad and nervous to break some news to me. I was a little anxious (we're nearly 6 months pregnant, so any bad news is always potentially really bad news), then she hit me with it:

"I'm really sorry love, but my best friend '...' who I haven't seen in ages wants to come over on Friday night to catch up, watch some girlie movies and probably stay the night... I'm really sorry, we'll have to miss date-night..."

"Awww gee dear, that's terrible news, I'm awfully dissapointed, but I guess you girls do need to catch up, I'll manage to occupy myself somehow..." while inside, I'm thinking "YESSSSSSSSS!!! Free night in the darkroom, I'm off to Bunnings to get a bigger wash basin right NOW!".

With any luck, I may be ready to drop my lot off to Tim on our way through town on Saturday morning. Ahhh, my girls a keeper :P