Hi Everyone,

I am very pleased to post that I will be teaching two weeks of silver gelatin emulsion-making at the Photographers' Formulary in June 2011. The two weeks will be divided into two separate classes. Week one is making and working with contact printing paper; week two is dry plate/artisan film emulsion making, shooting, and processing. The workshops can be taken individually, or together as soup-to-nuts antique artisan silver gelatin.


I will make every effort to accommodate the experience and interest levels of each individual participating in the workshops. I'm a big believer in a friendly, cooperative learning environment. I think we'll all have a great time.

Also, the lineup in the Formulary schedule has a great piece of serendipity. Kerik Kouklis will be teaching pt/pd and gum the week following my dry plate workshop. Rather than an all-silver gelatin workflow, you could take dry plate/artisan film and follow it with Kerik's class, using the negatives you just made. So much fun, so little time! Carpe diem.

Denise Ross