LOL...aggie, pyrogallic acid is a mild organic acid in powder form, does not matter which way you do it. the pyrogallol is the alchohol derivative and holds no danger.
Since I know you know all this, I am sending a virtual cup of coffee from starbucks straight to your house.

jdef, the "true" ABC formula has always had A as the pyro solution, B as the sulfite and C as the activator (Carbonate, etc) so the way the new instructions are worded are the "correct" way to do it, it all depends on what they put in the bottle labeled A. As a rule of thumb you should always add the activator last, so the developer does not loose activity by oxidation.

On the "traditional" ABC formula the mixing ratios are as you say 1:1:1:7 but depending on how they mixed their stock solutions the ratios they require might be correct. It seems they have almost quadruplicated the concentrations so you can get more working developer with less stock solutions. I would not trust this approach as the sulfite goes bad in a few months, unless you are planning to use the 50 gallons in two months, I would not trust this developer as it is.

Seems to me a call to the 800# is in order to clarify all these questions.