There are plenty around, so unless you know its history, it's not worth paying over the odds. There are several reputable sellers on ebay and the like that will sell you already CLA'd bodies.

I've had mine for several years, and got it CLA'd early on as a precaution. I've had no problems with the camera. I did have a winding mod (indicator) fitted at the time (again, as a precaution), but as long as you load the camera properly (not hard), you should have no problems with frame spacing.

The lenses are pretty good, and are very well priced - I've got single and multi coated lenses from fish-eye to 180mm. I've had a couple of the lenses serviced - to be expected given their ages. I also enjoy using the 30mm Arsat, which gives a different view on things

If you want another well priced option, consider the Bronica SQ-A/B series. Accessories & lenses are more expensive, but still very good value compared to some of the more "revered" brands