Here's my understanding -
1.) The numbers 3.2 - 30 on the lens denote the reduction ratio which is the reciprocal of the magnification - i.e. 3.2 gives a magnification of 0.3125 life size on the film.

2.) The 135 "macro" is designed to focus closer than normal lenses - the minimum focusing distance is noted as 0.75 meters, whereas the 165mm lens minimum focus distance is ~1.6 meters. It also has a minimum f stop of f32, which is smaller than the f22 on several other lenses near it in focal length. This can allow greater depth of field at close focusing distances.
Macro lenses are often assumed to give a magnification ratio of 1:1. In order to get that with the 135mm lens, you need to use the 3 extension tubes stacked to focus closer. I seem to remember that with the Pentax 67 II, I do get auto metering when using the extension tubes.