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The choice of tripods is quite confusing.
What kind of tripod do you suggest for trakking/traveling? It should support a Hasselblad or a Plaubel Peco Junior which is max 3 kg. Folded lenght should not be more than 40 cm and weigh not more than 1 kg without head.

A very real concern, especially if you travel by air, is loss/theft/damage. That's what makes inexpensive tripods like the Manfrotto 7322YSHB attractive. They're really best suited to lightweight gear but they will do in a pinch with a 6x6 SLR/TLR that's not flipped for vertical shots. My "old faithful" for travel is an aging Manfrotto 190 with a 486RC2 head. Overall, a borderline stable tripod is better than no tripod for travel; if anything, a light tripod loaded with a little weight is quite secure. Despite the insistence here and elsewhere that overkill tripod/head combos are absolutely necessary, something like a Manfrotto 190 is more than up to holding tanks like an Mamiya RB67 for travel. The cameras don't care and my shots are sharp.