After shooting LP for a few months and enjoying the savings (especially since the B&H price shot up to 4 something a roll/36 exp) I too was bummed to see that the party has ended.
But I was reminded of something very similar about 8-10 years ago. I was doing bulk loading of Neopan 400, and the then B&H price was 34.99/100ft, and Freestyle had short dated special on Fuji labeled bulk rolls for 18.99, basically half price and with the added length of the FUji rolls you could get a full 20 rolls out of one, so that worked out at Less than 1.00 a roll. Sweet! I got a case (20 rolls of 100 ft) right off the bat, then another case, and maybe another 10 before the special ended. Used that film for quite a while, great stuff. Nothing like cheap good film.

Considering that B&H has lowered the price on Neo 400 (2.69) I think that Fuji has totally cleared out the old film and has a new master roll in the film pipeline. I get 75 B&H rolls here any day so I'll be able to check the emulsion numbers, that LP stuff had quite low emulsion numbers, on par with the Fuji numbers from about 2006-7 according to my own references.

My theory is that Fuji unloaded the bulk film the previous time as a Fuji product, but by either FS or Fuji's plan this time around either had Fuji package the old last rolls as a FS product or merely sold the unlabeled bulk rolls to FS and they respooled it (most likely in my mind). Its a great plan, Fuji unloads old product at a decent price to a willing and eager consumer, then when the deal ends, goes on to pay the regular price. I'm am very glad that Fuji's current pricing is closer to what it was before, its not 1.89 like it used to be but its not TMZ prices.