I do not understand how high-end camera companies who make commercial cameras, like SINAR, Rollei, and Hasselblad can expect to compete with their own used markets with the older-style cameras, e.g. Hassy 6x6 film camera, Rollei TLRs, SINAR F2s and P2s, etc. I understand the viability of the digital stuff, like the Hy6, the P3, the Hassy H system, etc., but I don't see how the other stuff can be profitable. Who, exactly, is buying enough of it to make it so? Who today buys a brand new $5,000 TLR if they want to shoot a TLR, as opposed to just buying and servicing a used one for a grand or two, tops? How about a SINAR P2? Who spends $8,000 on a body only, when you can get a used kit with many lenses and accessories for a few grand?