I'm wandering what kind of value a Super Ricohflex with a 120 back and a 35mm back with the lens cap and in the original box might have? This camera is mint like it just came off the shelf. Well looked after for probably 50 years.
The screen glass is incredibly clear with all the grid lines in it. Its incredible how good it looks.
I paid the guy 40.00 for it. Maybe thats all its worth. I do realize it only has 1/200 shutter speed. I guess the mint part and the 35mm back are what grabbed my attention the most. And also the box which is in mint condition too. Also came with original instructions for both the camera and the 35mm color back (thats what its called).
I do have the other one and would be willing to part with this one if I thought I could make a decent dollar on it.
Thanks for any help.

Mark A. Welsh