I recently purchased the digibase and unicolor 10 roll kits for my first foray into color developing. I found that the digibase was much less forgiving in terms of agitation and temperature. A five second error on the digibase could mean disaster, especially where the colors are concerned. I found that many of my negatives in kodak gold and fuji films had a marvelously saturated blue, and nearly looked as though they had been cross processed. The unicolor presented much more consistent results, as far as the negative went, but they also produced less dramatic colors, and tended to be more balanced toward the red.
I intend to re-purchase the digibase kit to see if I can attenuate the temperature more accurately, as I assume I have made an error somewhere. But my advice is, if you havent used Color chemicals before, use the Unicolor kit, as It is more forgiving on both temperature and agitation.
The digibase tended to froth in a 2 spool plastic tank and create bubbles on the film. I imagine if it is the 'newest and best' that with some practice, I can probably get amazing results from it.